Promoting Sustainability with Havas Media Network and Dailymotion Advertising

Havas Media Network and Dailymotion Advertising achieve 22% carbon emission reduction in wine industry campaign.

All sectors are concerned about their environmental impact, and digital advertising is unfortunately no exception. In fact, according to a study¹, 71% of advertising professionals are concerned about the negative impact of their sector on the environment, and their concerns are well-founded. The figures on digital advertising pollution are alarming. A year of digital advertising emissions (streaming + display) is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 1.4 million households in the United States². Faced with these challenges, Havas Media Network, through its programmatic teams, partnered with Dailymotion Advertising for an innovative campaign focused on optimizing carbon footprint. So, as a major player in digital advertising, how can we make online advertising more responsible and reduce its carbon footprint? 

Our Scope3-powered offering: reducing and optimizing carbon emissions 

Dailymotion Advertising offers its clients an innovative solution aimed at optimizing their advertising carbon footprint. This offering is specially designed to reduce and offset the environmental impact of advertising campaigns, thereby contributing to creating a more sustainable future

The “Green Media Marketplace”: responsible distribution of your campaigns 

With this offering, our goal is to reduce and measure the environmental impact of our clients’ video activations by broadcasting campaigns in low-carbon contexts, selected by Scope3 as the lowest carbon emitters. 

Specifically, this process begins with a Scope3 audit of all domains using the Dailymotion player, followed by measuring the carbon emissions generated by these domains. After this audit, we optimize campaigns by broadcasting them on a low-carbon ecosystem, excluding the highest carbon-emitting domains (climate risk domains) identified by Scope3. At the end of the campaign, we provide a comprehensive carbon footprint report. 

This initiative reduces the environmental impact of advertising campaigns while providing direct access to inventories of major media outlets. With over 2,000 domains deemed less emitting by Scope3 and over 1.5 billion impressions available each month, advertisers can reduce their carbon footprint while effectively reaching their target audience. 

In parallel, Dailymotion Advertising already implements practices such as dynamic compression and transcoding of video advertising assets to provide video experiences tailored to the bandwidth of our audiences. Then, we geo-distribute ads from servers closest to the targeted audience, thereby reducing emissions related to data transport. Finally, video ads load progressively as the video progresses, minimizing bandwidth consumption and associated carbon emissions. Indeed, according to Pierre Wurmser, SVP Ad Tech & Operations at Dailymotion Advertising: “At Dailymotion, thanks to our in-house advertising technology and our partnership with Scope3, we have already reduced the impact of our site by more than 3 times, with the aim of establishing a more responsible future for online advertising!” 

Through our Scope3-powered solutions, we neutralize any residual emissions by investing in carbon credits through the Carbon Direct fund. Finally, our clients receive a comprehensive carbon footprint report and a detailed breakdown of their contribution to the fund. This option is intended for advertisers wishing to go further in their environmental approach and actively contribute to the fight against climate change; The portfolio of meticulously selected projects by Scope3 in partnership with Carbon Direct includes initiatives such as TIST (International Small Group and Tree Planting Program), Climate Robotics, and Pacific Biochar. All contribute in their own way to the fight against climate change. 

Decoding: 22% reduction in carbon emissions thanks to the Green Media Marketplace with Havas Media Network 

From October 4 to 23 last year, our client, a player in the wine industry, conducted a campaign in collaboration with Havas Media Network’s programmatic teams. This initiative is not limited to a simple advertising campaign but demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and an innovative advertising approach. 

The campaign in question opted for the PG purchasing mode and a 15-second video format adapted to PCs, mobiles, and tablets, specifically targeting the 25 to 64 age groups. 

Dailymotion Advertising proposed an innovative option to reduce and offset the carbon footprint of the advertising campaign. The first, the “Green Media Marketplace,” began with a comprehensive audit of domains using the Dailymotion player, followed by the broadcast of the campaign in low-emission contexts identified by Scope3. At the end of the campaign, a comprehensive carbon footprint report was provided, highlighting the reduction in environmental impact. 

To go further, our client chose to offset the residual carbon emissions from their campaign through Scope3’s high-quality carbon capture project portfolio via Carbon Direct. This campaign thus employed Scope3’s Green Media Marketplace but also Dailymotion Advertising’s own practices such as dynamic encoding and shortening to minimize emissions, subsequently offset by purchasing credits in Carbon Direct. The results speak for themselves: the average carbon emissions (gCO2e) per 1000 impressions were reduced by 22% compared to non-optimized campaigns. As Bruno Latapie, VP Sales France at Dailymotion Advertising confirms: “Thanks to the teams at Havas Media Network, we are delighted to have launched our first media campaigns on our green media marketplace. The 22% reduction in carbon emissions demonstrates the effectiveness of these targeting strategies and illustrates the creation of a virtuous circle between advertisers, agencies, and publishers.” Florent Couton, Head of Business & Marketing at Havas Programmatic Hub (Havas Media Network) adds: “It is crucial as a media agency to support our advertisers on this carbon issue within their programmatic campaign. Dailymotion Advertising now offers a turnkey solution through a dedicated Green Media Marketplace whose relevance is highlighted through more than noteworthy results – results certified by a market-leading measurer.” 

The Dynamic Performance tool natively integrates Scope3 data 

As part of our use of Scope3 data, we have natively integrated Scope3 carbon measurement into our tools, notably into the performance optimization algorithm of our SSP tool, Dailymotion SSP, to dynamically improve our clients’ campaigns based on carbon emissions. This strong integration of Scope3 technology into our advertising platform, Dailymotion SSP, illustrates our commitment to using innovative solutions to address environmental challenges. 

Dynamic Performance is our internal tool for predicting and optimizing key performance indicators (KPIs) within our SSP, Dailymotion SSP. When ad ops (or media buyers) target deals from our SSP, they have the option to activate this feature, which optimizes the campaign according to the desired KPIs. Among these KPIs, in addition to traditional indicators such as visibility, completion, clicks, and brand safety, we now offer dynamic optimization of attention through data, as well as carbon emissions through Scope3 data. Pierre Wurmser also adds: “Thanks to this algorithm, we have reduced the carbon emissions of our campaigns beyond locations deemed to have high climate risk by Scope3. In fact, we have reduced the grams of CO2 emitted per 1000 impressions well below the benchmarks calculated on the Dailymotion network!” 

Dynamic Performance uses campaign historical data and real-time information to monitor and dynamically optimize your video campaign. We optimize KPIs to match your campaign objectives, including, among others: 

About Dailymotion Advertising 

Dailymotion Advertising is the video marketing platform of Dailymotion, the leading French video audience, with an ecosystem of over 5000 professional content publishers using the Dailymotion player (Le Monde, Canal +, BeIN Sports…). Dailymotion Advertising offers a qualitative and safe environment for brands wishing to conduct high-performing and transparent video advertising campaigns. Dailymotion Advertising also stands out with its integrated Creative Studio and Insights department. 

About Havas Media Network 

Present in 126 countries, Havas Media Network is Havas’ international media network. As a leading media group in France, Havas Media Network and its agencies operate around five main areas of activity: media consulting (Havas Media, Arena Media, Havas International, Havas City, 79), marketing consulting (CSA Institute), e-commerce (Havas Market), brand content & communities (Havas Play), and business science (Havas Data Business Intelligence, CSA Data Consulting). 


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