Solutions for Advertisers

A suite of advanced solutions to prepare, optimize, and measure your video campaigns across the open web.
Consumer Behavior Study
Understand your competitive landscape, consumer perceptions, and motivations. 
Audience Builder
Model precise and tailored contextual audience segments 
Message Testing
Get an in-depth analysis and recommendations on the perception of audiences with the advertising messages.
Insight Report
Access advanced campaign reporting combined with the profiling of your engaged audiences.
Brand Lift Study
Analyze the impact of your campaign on marketing indicators
Creative Instream Expertise
We push beyond the boundaries of traditional video advertising leveraging our pioneering creative know-how to optimize and create compelling video experiences
Boundless Possibilities
1000 creative concepts at our disposal, we offer tailor-made, unique, eye-catching, and actionable creative experiences.
Tailor-Made Experiences
By mastering our proprietary video technologies, we unlock unparalleled flexibility in crafting creative instream experiences.
Creative Masterclass
Meet and join forces with our talented creative team to co-create captivating ad experiences that elevate your campaign’s effectiveness.
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Paco Rabanne Skin Static
Samsung Animated Expand
Disney Interactive Advergame
Michel et Augustin Interactive Advergame
Alinea Static Vertical
Uniqlo Interactive Selector
Domain Thematic Deals
Broadcast your campaigns on publishers belonging to your desired thematics.
Video Content Thematic Deals
Associate your advertising message with video content that makes it look its best.
Dailymotion Audience Builder
Activate contextual audience segments tailored to reach your brand’s objectives.
1 Attention Planning
A deep-dive study leveraging eye tracking to shape attention-optimized creative.
3 Attention Measurement
Get advanced reports and recommendations to evaluate the success of your campaign in generating attention.
2 Attention Optimization
Deliver your campaigns on domains that score high in attention.

Attention partners

Activate the first solidarity advertising format that connects Brands, Audiences and Charities.
Green Media Marketplace
Reduce your campaign’s carbon emissions to the maximum extent. Measure and compensate the remaining impact.

CSR partners