Dailymotion Advertising launches ViewShop, a format dedicated to audience engagement

Paris, July 18, 2023 – Dailymotion Advertising unveils its new interactive video experience format, ViewShop. This innovative video advertising format plays a reconciling role at the center of the marketing funnel, offering advertisers innovative formats aimed at simplifying the user’s purchase journey through tailor-made video advertising formats for their communities. 

Exposure and attention: the winning duo of ViewShop 

For the majority of advertisers and retailers, the need for visibility and the ability to engage with audiences are key priorities in their digital strategy. With this new format, Dailymotion Advertising provides them with a powerful tool that allows them to increase visibility while capturing and retaining attention (top-of-funnel). Indeed, the format enables users to interact with the advertising content, making them more inclined to spend more time on the format. Ultimately, the goal is to facilitate the transition to the act of purchase (bottom-of-funnel). Leveraging the in-stream video advertising format, ViewShop strategically positions itself as a mediator at the center of the marketing funnel. 

The solution is based on the traditional concept of video advertising, adding a layer of interactivity. The objective of this format is to allow the discovery of multiple products through a user experience with several levels of interactivity. Concretely, as the advertising video plays, a sidebar displays different product screenshots taken at specific moments. Users can be redirected to product descriptions and choose to access associated purchase pages. As soon as the user clicks on a visual, the video pauses, and the experience begins. 

ViewShop relies on a creative studio and first-party data to serve advertisers 

Drawing on its expertise in designing video advertising formats, including the Pre-roll Takeover and the Interactive Pre-roll, Dailymotion Advertising leverages its know-how to meet the diverse needs of brands. 

The ViewShop experience is available cross-device (desktop, tablet, mobile), also activatable on the DM.com platform, and throughout the Dailymotion Advertising editorial network. 

ViewShop also enables precise performance tracking, measuring the time users spend on the format and the interaction hotspots with each product in the viewed advertisement. Dailymotion Advertising combines advertising performance data with its powerful first-party data, providing advertisers with valuable insights into videonaut interactions with the format. Additionally, ViewShop ensures synergy with Dailymotion Advertising’s contextual targeting technology, using product and engagement typologies to generate different personas. Brands thus benefit from personalized recommendations from the adtech to better tailor advertising campaigns, always with a focus on conversion. 

“With ViewShop, we aim to provide a unique solution to our clients’ audience engagement challenges, thanks to a mid-funnel approach that breaks away from current market practices, which are more oriented towards the bottom of the funnel,” said Hamza Kourimate, VP Sales Marketing at Dailymotion Advertising. “Through our creative studio, we offer tailor-made interactive campaigns. Our proprietary player combined with the expertise of our insights department allows us to support advertisers throughout the entire process.” 

About Dailymotion Advertising 

Dailymotion Advertising is the video marketing platform of Dailymotion, the leading French video audience, with an ecosystem of over 2,500 professional content publishers using the Dailymotion player (Le Monde, Bein Sports, Marie-Claire, etc.). Dailymotion Advertising offers a qualitative and safe environment for brands looking to run high-performing and transparent video advertising campaigns. DMAds stands out with its integrated creative studio and insights department.