Dailymotion Advertising is launching its new «Attention Program» offer

In response to the current challenge of capturing attention, Dailymotion Advertising is introducing a new offer for brands. Through a unique and innovative program, it enables the company to establish itself as one of the leaders in the digital advertising sector when it comes to this new advertising focus. 

 Paris, France – September 7th, 2023 – While the transformation of the advertising industry is a top priority for establishing brands in the minds of consumers, the issue of attention remains its primary challenge. According to a recent study[1], only two out of ten videos succeed in capturing users’ attention (due to three main reasons: advertising clutter, non-contextualized ads, and finally, monotonous and similar advertisements). Indeed, in the era of increasing advertising pressure, attention is constantly declining, making advertising attention a major concern for advertisers. Furthermore, visibility measurement, still considered today as the flagship metric for assessing advertising effectiveness, is showing its limitations. To address these challenges, Dailymotion Advertising, a key player in the AdTech market, unveils its new offer centered around attention. A unique offer in the market that allows brands to place attention at the core of their advertising strategies and positions Dailymotion Advertising as one of the industry leaders in this new advertising metric. 

« It’s undeniable: users’ attention is scattered, and advertising pressure, along with the quality of ad formats, severely hampers the relevance of advertisers’ messages. We are entering a new era: the era of attention preservation. », says Hamza Kourimate, VP Global Sales Marketing & Solutions at Dailymotion Advertising. « At Dailymotion Advertising, we view attention as a strategy, not just a metric or KPI. Optimizing a campaign’s attention means optimizing two essential levers: content and the advertising experience, as well as delivering impressions in high-quality placements within a controlled context. ». With the economic crisis pushing advertisers to do more with less, it has become imperative to launch attention-driven ads, based on an approach that combines creativity, contextual targeting, and first-party data, while placing attention at the center of their strategy to ultimately create strong consumer engagement. 

A unique and innovative program 

Dailymotion Advertising is introducing a dedicated and distinctive program for advertisers looking to optimize their advertising campaigns, structured into three key phases: planning, optimization, and measurement. 




… part of an overall brand repositioning centered around attention 

This innovative new offer is part of an overall brand repositioning centered around attention addressing current advertising challenges. Moreover, thanks to the studies conducted by Dailymotion Advertising, brands can access key information for elaborate campaigns that effectively captivate their audiences. 

About Dailymotion Advertising 

Dailymotion Advertising is the video marketing platform of Dailymotion, the leading French video audience, with an ecosystem of over 3000 professional content publishers who use the Dailymotion player (such as Le Monde, Canal +, Bein Sports…). Dailymotion Advertising offers a high-quality and secure environment for brands looking to run effective and transparent video advertising campaigns. DMAds also stands out with its integrated creative studio and insights department.

About Lumen Research  

Lumen is the world’s leading attention technology company, with large-scale biometric datasets based on real-world and predictive eye-tracking technology that convert the webcam on a user’s phone or desktop computer into a high-quality eye-tracking camera, capturing not only what users could see, but also what they do see. 

About Xpln.ai  

Xpln.ai is the measurement and optimization solution for the new era of marketing. Xpln.ai develops innovative measurement technologies that go beyond traditional metrics to address the new challenges of digital advertising and contribute positively to the ecosystem. Xpln.ai is built on the belief that attention and advertising effectiveness are quantifiable and predictable data points that extend beyond visibility and completion, which are not sufficiently discriminating and inadequately characterize advertising impact. 

[1] Nielsen – August 2022