Brand Safety

At Dailymotion, protecting users, brands and content owners is our main priority. We focus on surfacing content on the subjects that our users care about most

Ensuring a brand-safe environment

We have created a trusted premium video experience for our viewers, highlighting the topics that matter to our users while ensuring the quality of our partners.

Spam and explicit content detection

Our internal automated filters analyze video content and metadata, and detect spam and explicit content based on blacklisted keywords and image attributes.

Copyrighted material detection

Uploaded videos are compared to the INA Signature and Audible Magic fingerprints databases. If copyright infringement is detected, we reject the video.

No ads on user-generated content

All Partners’ applications must be approved by our Content Policy team, and user-generated content is never monetized. Our support team works 24/7 to address the reports that users submit.

We are integrated White Ops and Moat by Oracle Data Cloud, tools that identify invalid traffic, measure viewability, and detect non-brand safe environments and we comply with the highest industry standards